I started this back in October 2013 after deciding to follow a lifetime ambition to become an artist. Keeping a blog is a good way of clarifying a lot of the information I’ve picked up on the way, especially when attending classes and courses at places like West Dean in Sussex, The Slade and the Prince’s, now the Royal Drawing School.

I confess to not furthering my outside education since, other than the odd life class held at my local art centre, The Bank, Eye, Suffolk and visiting as many exhibitions and galleries as my regular trips to London will allow. To put it bluntly, I’m basically self taught from here on in, spending as much time messing about in my small studio as having to earn a living and keeping grass and hedges cut will allow.

So now we are slipping back into the dark of Autumn, I thought I should start again to record my “journey” as things seem to be hotting up, particularly as I’ve now been exhibited and some lovely people have liked my work enough to purchase some. More details of where I’ve shown are on my About page.

If anyone reads some of this stuff and is remotely interested or has advice or knowledge to share, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.